A very welcome on this site, this site was created by and for AV professionals. We hope through this platform to be better prepared for possible bad tenants, where possible damage, theft or other unwanted problems can be the result.

To ensure the privacy of the people who are on this blacklist, you are required to register an account with a valid VAT number, once your account is registered and verified using your email address, we will do a manual check to see if you are active in the AV sector, this entire process never takes more than 24 hours to complete.

To check whether the person who rents from you is on this blacklist, you first need to provide his name and surname if there is a match, you will get a list of the persons found with the city and country where they live, we don't give addresses away ourselves, this for the privacy of the individuals on the blacklist, you can give up the address and then check if the address matches, if the address matches you will see the reason why this person is included in the blacklist.

For information about registering a person or business on the blacklist you can go to the FAQ page.

We would like to ask you to keep this platform tidy and free from abuse, so we can al make profit from it.

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